Make your marketing collateral work harder

Presentation Suite enables you to use customer data to select the slides that best address your customer’s needs. The back-office training functions gathers sales team feedback and teaches you how best to articulate the material, so sales team benefits from a continuous learning loop which improves presentation quality and customer reception.

Marketing Library digitally stores, annotates and shares the right content, to the right audiences, at the right time. Your sales team can personalise & share on-brand and up-to-date content to improve customer engagement and close more and bigger deals faster.

Comms Desk reduces and simplifies sales team communication by centralising all your information and allowing you to set up your preferred communication channels. Track and reply to your Twitter feed, view real-time news updates, send customer messages via WhatsApp to your clients, have a hangout with your sales team. You customise your own dashboard to best suit you. Comms Desk reduces admin hassle and time and gives you a real-time, holistic view of all your total communication.
Content Share allows you to send and track any type or size of media files, large or small, then review their usage. It improves efficiency and reduces your risk of omission or compliance breach.

Delivering optimum business interactions with every buyer

Up-sell and cross-sell your wider portfolio

Capture valuable customer and product insight
whilst out in the field. Record presentations or meetings, or take customers through a survey. Additionally, automatically capture data through our other tools. Chose to anonymise data or flag key account issues. Identify customer needs allowing you to tailor your sales and marketing strategy more effectively.
Proposal Builder takes your Capture Manager or CPQ
data and identifies the most appropriate prewritten content, so you create a well-articulated winning proposal in hours, rather than days. Outputs can be as a PDF, Word Document or digital proposal, where you can incorporate further rich marketing material such as video or brochures. 
Solution Maker facilitates direct customer interaction
to identify their needs and build the most relevant and compelling solution, making buying easier. You’ll improve your customer’s perception of the value you add, increasing customer satisfaction, their propensity to buy your wider portfolio and reduce customer attrition.
Price to win and close the sale, produce rapid,
accurate and easily understood quotes. Configurable to most backend systems and built to your specifications in partnership with your users. You’ll benefit from the optimum tool: one that helps you sell more and their lives easier.
Gain and retain valuable market and customer
insights on the go, on any device, giving your sales team the confidence to demonstrate market knowledge and customer issues and challenge customer thinking. You’ll build customer confidence, sell up the decision-making hierarchy and close larger and more profitable deals.
Competitor Comparator allows you to demonstrate
your ‘best product fit’ for your customer’s needs by comparing competitive offers and demonstrating where you deliver better value against their hot buttons versus the competition. One of its key benefits is the ability to highlight your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses, so creating a more persuasive message.

Delivering optimum business interactions with every buyer


A personalised, customer-centric interface aligned to your customer's needs.  A structured, strategic approach that continually demonstrates your understanding of the customer’s needs and the value you add throughout the sales cycle.  It keeps your brand and value proposition front and centre, improving brand perception, increasing the number of positive interactions and making their life and purchase decision easier.  You’ll reduce your cost of sale and increase both the number of brand interactions and lifetime customer value.


All our applications are built from our code engine
that is built on the latest technology. Providing security and reliability, which ensures we can design and build any level of customisation you require, with the peace of mind that you will have a turnkey solution that gets it right, first-time.

The current virus outbreak has accelerated the use
of all forms of virtual communication, including events.  Buyers and sellers still want to buy and sell, and virtual provides many of the benefits of a ‘live’ event, plus some specific advantages.
Virtual events allow you to engage with customers, share or present content and interact, during and after the event.  It’s a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a physical event with the advantage of far better
opportunity tracking.  
Using QR code technology, Digital Delegate Bag
allows you roam freely around exhibitions, without the need to carry heavy collateral. The system collates and collects as much information as you want, without any restrictions. Exhibitors can now share more significant amounts of content, more willingly, with potential customers, tracking usage of the material and identifying real opportunities.

To discover how we can help you improve your customer engagement, become more effective with your win rate, enquire for a demo and consultation.