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Accelerate your growth

Equip your salespeople with the right tools to win more business, improve your win rate and create better customer engagement.




Sales teams become more effective, optimising every interaction with buyers, delivering an increase
in sales and improved customer experience.

Gain and deliver improved insight

Up-sell and cross-sell your wider portfolio

Deliver the optimum buying experience


Increase in your wIn rate

Time saved in admin tasks and preparation 

Increase in cross-sell and upsell

Reduction in time required to onboard new sales reps

Reduction in print collateral costs

Increased usage of marketing collateral


The buying process has changed.  Especially in 2021.

Relationships, especially face-to-face, have been replaced by provable ROI.  Buyers now demand clear value propositions - backed up with credible data - so they can compare vendors and make informed and defensible buying decisions.

Buyers now actively favour sellers that make buying easier and demonstrate added value and clearly articulate benefits.  Indeed, research indicates that three-quarters of buyers choose to buy from those who share insights, challenge assumptions and quantify value.

In this environment, you need a structured, strategic approach plus a demonstrable understanding of the customer’s needs and the value you add.  Otherwise, you’re unlikely to close the sale or maximise the customer lifetime value.

Sales enablement tools deliver a consistently professional and persuasive approach throughout your sales cycle.  You’ll reduce the cost of sale, increase conversions and radically improve profitability.



SalesPro tools provide the interface for your customer engagement activity while seamlessly connecting to whichever back end platforms you prefer. 

SalesPro integrates most customer relationship management (CRM) and content management systems (CMS) as well as many other technologies.

And SalesPro works pretty much out of the box: customers typically have access to the full toolkit and start making more sales in less than 72 hours.


Most off-the-shelf software is designed as one-size-fits-all.   You have to buy irrelevant features and functions while missing out on some of the tools you need.   Implementation takes longer and alienates users who have to create workarounds that can lead to errors, system failures, and security flaws.

With SalesPro, you get all the tools, features and functions you need, and none that you don't.  Software is configured to your needs, preferences, processes and industry.  It connects seamlessly to the rest of your IT infrastructure, is intuitive to use and works out of the box. 

SalesPro starts with Design Thinking, an inclusive, participative process that includes your sales team and encourages them to design their own toolkit and enhanced functionality.  You benefit by tapping into your sales team’s collective knowledge, making sure your custom SalesPro software includes what they need as well as gaining invaluable buy-in.

You’ll benefit from a baseline platform that’s then tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring you don't use a sledgehammer to crack a nut and only buy the tools you need.  You’ll reduce cost and risk and increase user engagement and productivity.



With fewer physical and more virtual relationships, it’s hard to keep your value proposition in front of your customers throughout their decision-making cycle.  So, you might drop out of sight just at the moment they’re buying.

SalesPro bridges the gap between the physical and online/virtual throughout the customer’s journey.  It provides a seamless brand experience, making sure your brand and proposition are consistently
front of mind.



With more remote working, better connection and multiple devices, customers work when it suits them. So, when an opportunity presents itself, you can’t afford to wait until the office next opens after the holiday. . . 

With SalesPro you’re connected to your full sales toolkit, anytime, anywhere, online or offline.  You’ll always be ready to respond to a sales opportunity by having the latest information available in real-time, synchronised across all your devices: mobile, tablet or laptop. 


It’s estimated that a billion trees are cut down every year just to make marketing collateral. ​ Much of this collateral goes straight to recycling and, increasingly, isn’t welcomed or valued by customers.

Digital collateral is a win-win: you significantly reduce your costs and help save the planet at the same time.  

“still think you are the best supplier I ever worked with and think about the fact Connect only went down 3 times in 10 years, amazing..”


Head of customer support

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