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Sales enablement software integration

SalesPro is a platform built from the ground up to integrate with the rest of your SaaS estate.  Functionality can therefore be used in all of your marketing channels - your web CMS, email campaign platform or CRM, for instance. The SalesPro team will work with your team to ensure that API handoffs are delivered with all of the necessary parameters for your environment whilst maintaining safe and secure infrastructure.


SalesPro is already linked to Salesforce and SAP systems via APIs or file passing. This enables a secure two-way relationship for passing consent, content usage information and customer information. 

Sales enablement software CRM integration
Sales enablement software GSuite integration

Many companies are switching away from Microsoft to GSuite, which has a portfolio of features that SalesPro is compatible with ‘out of the box’. Sync with Google Contacts, sync GDrive to SalesPro, handoff SalesPro content to GSuite Apps and take advantage of scriptable integrations in Gmail.


SalesPro can provide its own analytics, identifying usage on content, customers and users. In addition, the platform can easily integrate into your BI and CRM systems, allowing you to have a single point of analytics across your business.

Sales enablement software Data analytics integration
Sales enablement software single sign-on integration

We can integrate with your single sign-on platform, so your users only have to enter one set of credentials to access their web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall – via desktops, smartphones and tablets. This greatly increases productivity while keeping data secure.


SalesPro links can be used in your existing email campaign platforms and can provide preconfigured email templates that enable you to send a variety of campaigns and messages to your customers, tracking individual recipients’ engagements.  Emails can be linked directly back into your CRM system or have additional plug-ins for Outlook and Gmail, giving your team flexibility to send from your preferred platform. 

Sales enablement software email integration
Sales enablement software integration

Connect your customer facing content from your Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIN) systems and ensure that this important content is automatically delivered to all your team’s mobile devices. 


Social platforms have become an important channel for customer engagement.  SalesPro is designed to interact with social messaging platforms, allowing your team to collect and share content through your social media channels directly to your buyers, discovering which content resonates best. 

Sales enablement software social mediaintegration
Sales enablement software video integration

In light of the latest pandemic and modern-day behaviour traits, Video conferencing is the new normal. SalesPro provides important capabilities in this environment enabling rapid consent from customers on live calls, live shopping cart functionality and access to the full range of sales collateral.


SalesPro has its own online learning hub that our clients can use to build or populate bespoke learning tools or integrate into their own learning platforms, connecting analytics between your CRM, content and training.

Sales enablement software LMS integration
Sales enablement software content management integration

Deliver a single version of the truth by syncing your sales content effectively from your storage system of choice.  Learn what content is used best by your customers and sales team and have the peace of mind that they have the most up-to-date content, at the right time.

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