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Sales enablement SaaS

SalesPro is maintained as a ‘platform as a service’. The Application is maintained and tested against a range of reference target devices which are representative of the current population of devices. Client testing can be done based on the specific devices which your team use.


Application maintenance falls into a number of areas, client-led, scheduled and critical. Client-led changes are based on immediate project needs and scheduled as regular non-critical updates, while critical updates are ad-hoc updates with urgency depending on the criticality of the release.

Sales application development

The SalesPro development team are able to adapt any part of the solution, either through configuration and theming, deployment of a wide range of features maintained in our toolbox, 3rd party API integration, or through bespoke development to meet a specific customer requirement. In addition to bespoke application development, the team can also build bespoke interactive features into sales aids to enable calculators, configurators, etc.

Sales software hosting

SalesPro is maintained on private infrastructure in the appropriate region for the enterprise and according to the legal frameworks needed. The solution is hosted in such a way as to offer full redundancy and failover within milliseconds of a server hardware or software failure. Whilst the server estate is multi-tenanted (with SalesPro customers) the infrastructure is dedicated so there is no possibility of cross-talk.

SalesPro QA testing

QA is managed by our dedicated team. From initial unit and feature testing, the team develop test plans early in the development process to ensure that applications are tested to agreed protocols when the time comes. Prior to User Acceptance Testing, any solution is robustly tested as a system by our team and iterated back into development.

sales data storage

SalesPro can be configured for any amount of data storage and the platform can synchronise with target devices. The SalesPro team employ file optimisation techniques to ensure that the maximum number of files can be synced with maximum quality. In addition, SalesPro can be integrated with automated file conversion platforms, such as AODocs. The team are highly skilled in file size reduction and compression workflows to ensure that files are stored efficiently and retrieved quickly.

Scalable sales software

The platform is built to be robust, fault-tolerant and scale across regions. Not only is SalesPro a driver of growth, but the platform scales with you so that your team have the full SalesPro capability available to them 24/7.

data security sales software

Data security is at the heart of the SalesPro platform. From the front-end, a user is authenticated against the interface they are using, the methods which they run and the databases which they access. Font-end access is via https for both mobile apps and web pages. Administration access is via certificate-based authentication from known IP ranges with all servers hosted behind firewalls and with any non-essential ports closed. Logs are actively reviewed for intrusion efforts and offending IPs are routinely blocked. Servers are actively monitored for unusual spikes in usage (such as a DDOS attack) and appropriate action is taken. User data is locked down and data is stored encrypted at rest which provides an additional security layer. Physically, the facilities are in a secured Tier-1 co-lo with redundant power and networking.

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